The vision for ADS in MCKK is to empower leaners to be creators who believe their work matters. Creators, who are critical thinkers, having able to collaborate ideas and later producing realistic products that will be meaningful, significant and able to give valuable impact to the real world, are developed through three elements; Creativity, Digital Innovation and Digital Wellness.

MCKK perceives the importance of producing students who are capable of being creative using a variety of new media to convey messages and ideas to the community. Using Apple’s Everyone Can Create Module, MCKK empowers content development programs in order to produce high quality and meaningful videos, musics, podcasts and digital books. MCKK is known for its Wind Orchestra team and interestingly since 2016, there has been a new division of the iPad GarageBand Mini Orchestra which currently having a significant number of members – performing at prestigious events as well as online events throughout the pandemic.

MCKK is moving towards becoming a hub for Digital Innovation Leadership by the introduction of the Swift Coding Club program. Apple’s Everyone Can Code curriculum is incorporated into the school’s two main subjects, namely Basic Computer Science and Design & Technology. Students are engaging independently or collaboratively in critical thinking and problem solving skills on how to make the world a better place with their incredible and realistic ideas. This program will be in line with MCKK’s Internet of Things (IoT) program which involving network facilities up to 4 KM radius directly to Kuala Kangsar community.

MCKK puts together every effort to establishing a conducive learning environment to the whole school community. Our policy encourages students to bring their iPad or Mac device and the school is providing strong Internet facilities and a special charging point for them. Next, we are particularly concerned with the issue of how students operate their devices in learning. On that account, we introduced the Digital Wellness program to ensure their well-being in the digital world is conserved. It covers matters related to self- discipline in using electronic devices, controlled screen time, mental health – with the hope to build a responsible digital citizen to the world.

-HM Shahadan Abdul Rahman, Principal

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