Appreciate Best Creative Content

Every year, MCKK organizes student excellence events as an effort to recognize students’ talents in various fields. In the field of creativity and innovation we encourage you to submit content and nominate yourself as the winner of Content Creator of The Years as well as several other categories created.


Nominate yourself as Content Creator of The Year. 

Submit digital material / content and get 1 point for home.

  1. Send as much content in the form of presentation slides, videos, animations, music, podcasts, artwork, digital graphics, digital notes, AR project file, etc. generated from iPad/Mac only.
  2. The best content will be selected by the panels for Content Creator of the Year for several categories.
  3. Materials / content can be from school programs, personal projects, class assignments, hobbies and so on. MCKK Repository is open throughout the year.
  4. MCKK Repository also accepts old materials that have been produced since 2018 until now.
  5. You can choose two delivery methods either upload the material or attach a link.

🚀Submit your material/content to MCKK Repository at 

MCKK Creativity & Innovation Programs with Apple Technology