'Everyone Can Code' module in Learning

100% students completed Learn to Code 1 & 2

Learning coding at MCKK becomes a requirement at MCKK. All students must complete Learn to Code 1 & Learn to Code 2. Next, starting 2022, all MCKK Form 1 students will undergo a development program in the field of digital innovation using Swift.


‘Everyone Can Code’ in Basic Computer Science

Beginning in 2016, the Basic Computer Science subject has begun adapting the Everyone Can Code module in learning. Teachers use all resources provided by Apple to plan and implement formal learning in the classroom.

Swift Coding Club

In 2022, the Swift Coding Club program was introduced to enrich students ’skills in digital creativity and innovation. The ICT Club is the driving force behind this program at MCKK.

Swift Coding Challenge

The Swift Coding Challenge is conducted annually as a campaign for students to explore new modules that are constantly updated through Swift Playgrounds on iPad/Mac.

‘Everyone Can Code’ Apple Tech Leader Development on Digital Innovation

MCKK Creativity & Innovation Programs with Apple Technology