Everyone Can Create in STEM & Arts

In MCKK, innovation & research practices are applied in STEM education. Students are exploring ideation, design thinking, problem solving, critical thinking and innovative mindset. As Augmented Reality (AR) is a mainstream in the world now, MCKK empowers the students to fully utilised the use of iPad thus making the learning to go deeper and more meaningful.

‘Everyone Can Code’ in Learning

Learning coding at MCKK becomes a requirement at MCKK. All students must complete Learn to Code 1 & Learn to Code 2. Next, starting 2022, all MCKK Form 1 students will undergo a development program in the field of digital innovation using Swift. In addition, MCKK runs the Swift Coding Club and Swift Coding Challenge programs.

GarageBand Mini Orchestra

MCKK is known for its Wind Orchestra. Since 2016, there has been a new division of the iPad GarageBand Mini Orchestra which currently having a significant number of members – performing at prestigious events as well as online events throughout the pandemic.

MCKK Apple Tech Leader

120 Apple Tech Leaders at MCKK serve as peer mentors in the use of technology to improve learning skills at MCKK. They also assist teachers in the use of Apple technology in education.

100% Teachers conduct Action Research on Learning with iPad

Every year all MCKK teachers need to do Action Research. From 2022 and the following year, all MCKK teachers are required to conduct Action Reserach using an iPad for learning. Along with the goal of becoming an ADS school, teachers need to improve digital learning -based instructional design to enable students to explore their real potential.

‘Koleq’ Podcast

‘Koleq Podcast’ being one of the pillars in creating future leaders who are great in idea expansion and speaking skills. They are trained to be critical thinkers and spread fresh ideas to the world.

MCKK Creativity & Innovation Programs with Apple Technology