We are Apple Teacher

Teachers' commitment to having an iPad for practice and teaching use.

We believe that by making changes in yourself, it will have a significant impact on students. Thus, in the Road to ADS 2022 mission, teachers have prepared themselves with various preparations since 2016.

The teacher training program started in 2016 by the MOE which targeted the 10 best schools in Malaysia to be transformed as Apple Distinguished School.

More than 300 hours of total training have been provided by Apple, KPM and in-house training to ensure that teachers are eligible to become Apple Teachers.

100% MCKK Teachers are Apple Teacher

English teacher, Mr Qassim is recognized as an Apple Learning Leader

In the middle of 2022, Mr Qassim participated in an online Apple Learning Institute programme conducted by Apple. After 20 hours of training, Mr Qassim has passed all program requirements and has been recognized as an Apple Learning Leader. He is the first MCKK teacher with that recognition.

Presenting at Apple Worldwide APL Summit 2022

MCKK presented the journey and preparation for Apple Distinguished School at the Apple Worldwide APL Summit 2022 program under the title ‘MCKK: Road to ADS’. MCKK shared how the process started since 2016 in the MCKK Creativity & Innovation with Apple Technology Program.

Apple Distinguished Educator  

100% of MCKK teachers had obtained Apple Teacher certification  with Mr. Mohd Razif Abdul Razak (middle), a Computer Science teacher being awarded the Apple Distinguished Educator in 2019. MCKK is in the process of producing the next ADE in various skill development programs for its educators.

Apple’s support on the ‘Road to ADS’ teacher committee

Apple’s support with the ‘Road to ADS’ teacher committee is always carried out to ensure that MCKK is always on the right track. Several consultation sessions were held online and face-to-face with Apple to meet the criteria of being one of the innovative global schools.

MCKK Creativity & Innovation Programs with Apple Technology