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Ignite the creativity in every student.
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Flexible tools that flex imaginations.
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Creativity is intelligence having fun
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MCKK decided to put our vision in this program in line with Apple’s learning vision because we believe that as a school that fully adapts Apple technology for learning, we are heading towards the same goal.

AR in STEM Ideation

In MCKK, innovation & research practices are applied in STEM education. Students are exploring ideation, design thinking, problem solving, critical thinking and innovative mindset. As Augmented Reality (AR) is a mainstream in the world now, MCKK empowers the students to fully utilised the use of iPad thus making the learning to go deeper and more meaningful.

Explore Digital Note-taking

With the use of digital visual-note taking, students produce interesting and effective visual brief notes. Visual note-taking using iPad is improving the learning culture making students to better understand a concept in depth. 

Students’ content are collected in one repository where they can upload those at any time – to be shared with other fellow students. 

‘Jejak Bakat’ Talent Database

It is very important to track the talents of students so that their potential is unearthed. MCKK developed a dashboard for the Road to ADS 2022 project for student talent management. The ‘Jejak Bakat’ dashboard is a localized database that is constantly updated for records of talented students in Apple technology. Later if there are teachers, student leaders or anyone who needs students for specific purposes such as support services, competitions or student development workshops, they can get information from this dashboard system to get information such as skill set, name, class, identity card number, and contact relationship here.


2023 Showcase Day

On December 14, MCKK Tech Leaders organized a Showcase Day as part of the ADS program to celebrate student creativity. The program is completely managed by the students with the guidance of the teachers. The program was also attended by 4 invited schools featuring 6 workshop sessions, 2 sharing sessions and 24 competitions.

MCKK named Apple Distinguished School

Kuala Kangsar, PerakOct 03, 2022 — The Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) is pleased to announce that it has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2022–2025 for its creativity and innovation programmes with Apple technology. 

English teacher, Mr. Qassim is recognized as an Apple Learning Leader

In the middle of 2022, Mr. Qassim participated in an online Apple Learning Institute programme conducted by Apple. After 20 hours of training, Mr Qassim has passed all program requirements and has been recognized as an Apple Learning Leader. He is the first MCKK teacher with that recognition.

The Malaysian Finance Minister launched the MCKK Creativity & Innovation Programmes with Apple Technology

On 12 August 2022, the Malaysian Finance Minister YB Senator Tengku Zafrul launched MCKK Creativity & Innovation Programmes with Apple Technology at MCKK. In this this event, YB Senator followed several demonstrations from students related to their projects.

MCKK presenting at 2022 Apple’s APL Worldwide Summit 

MCKK had presented the journey and preparation for getting the Apple Distinguished School recognition during the Apple Worldwide APL Summit 2022 program under the title ‘MCKK: Road to ADS’. In this 40-minute session, MCKK shared the journey and preparation of MCKK for the mission to become one of the best schools in the world in the use of digital technology through various cultural programs since 2016. The presentation was done by Mr Mohd Razif, Apple Distinguished Educator.

August's Pick

Muhammad Luthfi Adib uses the Keynote app to produce poster and banner for MCKK Creativity & Innovation programmes with Apple technology. Let’s see how he produced this work.

Arief Daniel bin Azhari, Muhammad Qawiem Athif bin Yuzaidi, Mohamad Isma Haidar bin Mohd Anuzi, Wan Alef bin Wan Affendy collaborated to produce this short film as a peace campaign for schools. Video edited using Keynote and iMovie apps.

By using the Keynote app, this MCKK Learning Fest winner produced animated content about plant germination methods to share with his friends. He took 7 hours to produce this work using an iPad and Apple Pencil.

Muhammad Muhaimin, Ariff Ziqri and Irfan Darwisy produced a video telling about the importance of financial management in life. They use animation techniques, edited using Keynote, iMovie and Capcut apps.

Along with the process of digitization in the 21st century, digital painting skills are an important skill. The digital world offers many advantages in this area. Let’s watch a digital painting demonstration by Naufal, Faid and Naseem.


Showcase (Youtube Live Streaming)

Competition (MCKK Noticeboard for more info)

Posters and broadcast materials of the Showcase Day program were edited using the Keyone app on the iPad by Lutfi Adib.


MCKK Talent Showcase Day 2022

MCKK Creativity & Innovation Showcase Day is an annual program that showcases students’ talents in the field of creativity and digital innovation. In this program, various activities are carried out, including live streaming sessions, demonstrations and competitions. Look forward to the excitement of the in i program which will be organized on 12 August 2022. MCKK Creativity and Innovation Programmes with Apple Technology officiated by the YB Senator Tengku Zafrul, Malaysian Minister of Finance.

“Creativity is just conecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something”. ― Steve Jobs

MCKK Creativity & Innovation Programs with Apple Technology