Teachers’ Report Card 

MCKK teachers, being the learning experience designers, are having continuous professional development and being systhematically tracked via Teachers’ Report Card database in ensuring the growth mindset culture to always in effect in the school.


Teachers’ Action Research

Annual Action Research conducted by all teachers to develop better teaching methods and learning experiences has contributed to the latest success of MCKK in the National Examination (SPM) as there is an increase of 13.93% from the previous year’s result making it the best result in the decade.

Apple Teacher

100% of MCKK teachers had obtained Apple Teacher certification with Mr. Mohd Razif Abdul Razak, a Computer Science teacher being awarded the Apple Distinguished Educator in 2019.

iPad Ownership Programme for Teachers

Teachers their own iPad through the collaboration with the school co-operative shop with teachers can enjoy an easy loan scheme in instalments for the purchase of an iPad.

Presenting at Apple Worldwide APL Summit 2022

MCKK presented the journey and preparation for Apple Distinguished School at the Apple Worldwide APL Summit 2022 program under the title ‘MCKK: Road to ADS’. The presentation was done by Mohd Razif, Apple Distinguished Educator.

MCKK Creativity & Innovation Programs with Apple Technology