STEM Ideation using AR

AR in STEM Ideation

In MCKK, innovation & research practices are applied in STEM education. Students are exploring ideation, design thinking, problem solving, critical thinking and innovative mindset. As Augmented Reality (AR) is a mainstream in the world now, MCKK empowers the students to fully utilised the use of iPad thus making the learning to go deeper and more meaningful.

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Sample projects

From submarines to superhero gadgets, sonar technology has been widely used for quite some time. Emulating one of mother nature’s children, that is bats, RETINA dives deep into the study of biomimicry as well as applying physics and mathematical concepts. The study of sonar technology presented by RETINA will change how we perceive nature, and perhaps could even affect our future.

Download students ePub Book – ARtificial Tree (STEM) (AR)

Do you know photosynthesis? The aim of this project is to become the solution for both poverty problem and air pollution. This project imitate trees that carry out photosynthesis. It needs water, carbon dioxide and sunlight to give human clean air and carbohydrate source.

Download ePub Book – ARtificial Tree 

FILTERATOR is a water filter but is used for factory pipes that dump toxic wastes into rivers. Why not use another method? Because of another method he filters the water after the toxic waste is discharged into the river. Therefore, this FiILTERATOR will first filter the toxic waste of the factory before it is discharged into the river.

Download ePub Book – FilLERATOR 

The project proposes a total solution to ensure clean water supply for Klang Valley using the Smart Water Sensor and the Smart Debris Collector Autonomous Vehicle

Download ePub Book – Klang Valley Debris Detection and River Cleaning System (DREAM)

This project aimed to create the best electric car throughout the decade where we created an electric car which uses the most effective battery in the world ever created with a futuristic design making it look like a car created by the aliens from the future.

Download ePub Book – The Greatest Electric Car

AR @ Classroom

At MCKK students use the Realty Composer app to develop learning content to share with other friends.

Blood Vessel in Science

Design Principle in Design & Technology

Human Anatomy in Biology

Gamification in Co-curricular Activity

Force in Physics


Heart Structure in Biology

Winners @ 2021 National AR Challenge

On 20-21 November 2021, a team of Apple Tech Leader MCKK participated in the National STEM AR Competition in conjunction with Selangor Expo. The team became the champion and brought home 5 Gen 9 iPads as prizes. Congratulations.


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